More Successful Results in Male Infertility with IMSI Special Technique

More Successful Results in Male Infertility with IMSI Special Technique

Microinjection (ICSI) is the method of enabling insemination by injecting sperm, which cannot inseminate normally, directly into the ovum. These operations are carried out by means of microscopes called as specially equipped micromanipulator which can magnify by 200-400 times. Here, each sperm taken from the male is injected into each ovum taken from the female. Microinjection is a method developed especially for the treatment of patients with severe male factor. The operation is carried out by selecting the sperms which are normal in terms of behavior and form (morphology). However, magnifying by 200-400 times do not allow defining anomalies which are important for insemination of the ovum by the sperm, development of the embryo and pregnancy.

Since sperms, which are observed by staining to assess their morphology for diagnosis purposes, cannot be selected and used for microinjection; microinjection with 200-400 times magnification allows selecting completely normal sperms.

One of the most recent developments in assisted reproductive techniques is IMSI. With IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection) method, it is possible to magnify sperms up to 8050 times with micromanipulators created using high magnification objectives and special imaging systems and high level morphologic analysis of the sperm can be conducted. This analysis does not damage alive sperms.

Intracellular structures and neck anomalies in sperms can easily be detected and seen by magnifying by 1380-8050 times. With microinjection operation by selecting and using normal sperms or the ones closest to the normal with IMSI method, 25-40% higher success can be achieved.

Thus, sperms without DNA defect are selected with IMSI method and better quality embryos are obtained. The miscarriage rates are reduced and the rate of giving birth to babies with genetic anomaly is reduced.

Since sperms with DNA defect are eliminated naturally and did not unite with the ovum, at Centrum IVF Center, we transfer healthier embryos to all our patients, who had microinjection, using IMSI technique without any extra charge.