Centrum Clinic In Vitro Fertilization Center: Combination of experience and success



Centrum Clinic In Vitro Fertilization Center is one of the most experienced centers operating in Ankara and happy to celebrate its 13th year in the sector with you. With the leadership of Prof. Dr. Recai PABUÇCU and Op. Dr. Gürhan KELEŞ, our center targets enlightening patients, benefiting from all possibilities of the technology in the most efficient manner, establishing experienced clinic and laboratuary teams, achieving highest success ratios and maintaining patient patient satisfaction at the top level.


  • Centrum Clinic In Vitro Fertilization Center is the first in vitro fertilization center of Ankara. We have been realizing the dreams of couples who want to have a child with the experienced staff and patient oriented approach for 13 years with the leadership of Prof Dr. Recai Pabuçcu. We are glad to help many families to have children with our consistent results and high success ratios for years. We also know the importance of following the recent developments in reproductive health and offer cutting-edge technology to the patients. We get quite successful results with genetic examinations, especially advanced genetic research methods named as PGD (genetic diagnosis) and CGH (full chromosome analysis). For our patients with sperm count and shape problems, IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection) has been implemented in our center successfully for years. Embryo observation – embroyscopy technology is offered to the patients. We have been sharing broad experience of Prof Dr Recai Pabuçcu, who trained many doctors in hysteroscopy in Turkey, with our patients. Our center operates in Gazi Osman Paşa, Nene Hatun Street No: 59 Ankara.


  • Our building is a separate 5-storey building with 2200 m2 indoor area. Our operation rooms and laboratories are on a separate floor. There are patient resting rooms with toilet-bathromm and television on a different floor. There is conference hall with 50 people capacity and cafeteria on the penthouse. All kinds of food and beverages are available in our cafeteria. On other floors, there are doctors’ rooms, biochemistry lab, NST room, nurse service units, patient services units, security units and accounting units. In addition, our center is monitored by surveillance cameras 24 hours for the safety of our patients. There is a car park for our patients and guests visiting our center. Our staff will provide any help you may need.


  • Selecting the appropriate center for in vitro fertilization is quite critical. Couples should be very careful, analyse opportunities and services of the centers, get information about their success ratios and conclude their decision accordingly. Please remember that success of in vitro fertilization requires team effort and each individual in the team shoul fulfill his/her responsibility completely. With the embryology lab whose success is proven and advanced genetic services, Centrum Clinic In Vitro Fertilization Center, where Prof. Dr. Recai PABUÇCU, founder of hysteroscopic surgery and one of the most experienced professors in Turkey, and his team work, may be the place where your dreams come true.


1 – Aided reproductive techniques service


2 – Monitoring Pregnancy

  • Personal treatment planning and inception examination
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • In Vitro Fertilization Treatment
  • Microinjection (ICSI)
  • PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection)
  • CGH (Comperative Genomic Hybridization)
  • Prima-vision/Embryoscope/Embryo Monitoring System
  • Implementing all types of advanced scanning tests related to pregnancy,
  • Genetic researches,
  • Monitoring baby development with ultrasound
  • Birth Planing,


3 – General Gynaecology


4 – Reassessment of couples who previously had been unsuccessful in in vitro fertilization and making personal up-to-date treatment plan

  • Establishing personal treatment programme
  • Detailed examination of previous failures and discussing problems
  • Planning necessary genetic examinations and guiding for genetic consultancy when necessary
  • Recommending PGD, IMSI and embryo monitoring methods to appropriate candidates

  • PCOS (polycystic ovary disease) assessment and treatment plan
  • Endometrisis disease assessment and treatment plan
  • Assessment and treatment plan of cysts and miyoma
  • Assessment and treatment plan of menstrual irregularity
  • Examining womb with hysteroscopic method
  • Menopause assessment and treatment plan
  • Planning and implementing appropriate birth control methods
  • All types of gynaecologic cancer scanning
  • Cervical cancer vaccine
  • Assessment of deformities in the womb hysteroscopically and laparoscopically when necessary and treatment plan
  • Searching for the reason of Recurrent miscarriages and treatment plan