Embryos are monitored day and night

EmbryoScope, Dynamic Embryo Monitoring; is an embryo monitoring system based on a time-lapse shooting technique developed to improve IVF treatments. This system was first used in Europe in 2009 after 7 years of research.

EmbryoScope enables you to monitor the embryo from insemination to transfer moment with a camera placed in the incubator based on time-lapse shooting technique.

This system helps us to observe each development stage of the embryo since the embryo is recorded continuously. We can monitor the development of the embryo in its own medium without exposing it to external medium. Thus, it is possible to see the exact time of the cell division phase, which is one of the most important factors in embryo development, and select the healthiest embryo and consequently to increase the poosibility of pregnancy by transferring the healthiest single embryo to the future mother.


With EmbryoScope, which is commonly used in Europe and America, we are able to monitor all embryos of our patients and select the healthiest ones. While a safe and controlled culture medium is created with EmbryoScope, Dynamic Embryo Monitoring System, 72 embryos can be monitored continuously. Observations enable specialists to assess the required process and timing by the help of 4-dimension documentation techniques and develop unique parameters for future embryo scoring.

This operation is applied successfully at our clinic.